Goodnight Goon


With my boys, Goodnight Stories are an absolutely essential part of our bedtime routine. Reading out loud was something my family did all the time growing up, and I love to read to my boys as well. To be honest, I cannot wait until they are old enough for the stories of the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter – the kinds of stories that have these enormous cliff hangers that make you stay up way into the night because you just can’t put the book down! Now, that’s a good story!

Since they are only 3 years old and 6 and a half, we are in the stage of picture books, which is super fun too!

One of our favorite Halloween stories has been Goodnight Goon, which follows the exact rhyme and sing-song rhythm of the classic, Goodnight Moon, and replaces each visual with something a little more creepy and slimy. One night, the children requested that we actually read Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Goon at the exact same time to see if every page and every phrase matched. My husband read one and I read the other, and they were a perfect match! This is a wonderful, fun parody, and apparently, the author has another one in the works, Runaway Mummy, which parodies the classic, Runaway Bunny, which is a part of the same little series. Too fun. My boys have that one on the wish list!

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