The Truth and Beauty of K.D. Lang

In honor of the Canadian singer, K.D. Lang’s, birthday; I want to look at the beauty in her face, her spirit, her soul, her life and her voice and consider what beauty really is compared to what the world would have us believe. If you Google her, you will find photos of a very boyish looking woman, with short hair and a square face.
If you happen to be offended by people living what has been labeled an alternate lifestyle, you will quickly classify her into a group of people you’d rather not associate with or know on a personal level. Not to worry, she’s so hugely famous now; you need not fear that she will come after you to try to persuade you to like her. You can dislike her for what she represents to you all you like. She is an out and proud Lesbian singer/songwriter with multiple awards.
When I hear her sing, I am moved to tears; not only because her voice has a soothing, melancholy quality, and is crystal clear and haunting, but because I also hear the pain in her voice. As a communicator, she has reached into the hearts of millions of people, and spoken truth.
As a writer myself, I remember coming into contact with an author who spoke the words I could not. I had words floating around in my head not knowing where to land – just sort of hanging in mid-air, perhaps mid-sentence, stuck, with nowhere to attach. I didn’t know the right way to access those words and turn them into thoughts that made sense. They just stayed confused and frazzled in my head and heart, half-thoughts, not fully fleshed out even. Along came a gifted writer, who had lived through similar experiences, and she spoke the words that resonated with my heart. She created an echo that bounced off of everything inside me and woke up the words that were in disarray and after reading only a few of her sentences I came alive. I knew that she understood. And suddenly every word in my experience had a place to belong. It all fit together and I was no longer alone.
This is what K.D. Lang has done for a huge audience of people. She has spoken, or sung the words that helped others make sense of their lives. She has given people a way to belong, to be real and authentic, to be heard and understood as they are, to be whole and right and well exactly as they are – Is there any greater gift that one person can give to another? I submit that there is not!
To hear K.D. Lang pour our her heart in a song, and know that there are people all around the world that are being blessed by her acceptance of them, acknowledged by her very presence and her ability to craft words that wrap around the hearts of others and bring them close, even as they perhaps object, saying, I am not lovely, I am not beautiful… for her words to continue to reach out to them until they break down crying, admitting that the loveliness inside them only needed to be welcomed into this world by someone who could see them for who they are inside.
That is the greatest love song and the most beautiful expression of humanity that I can imagine.

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