Various Interpretations of Iron Man, by Ben

The Iron Man costume that Ben is in the middle of building. He has done all the cutting, shaping, and welding himself (with supervision, of course)!
Iron Man made out of Legos
(The first three pictures are at our new place in Oregon. These next few were back in California. Ben has been building Iron Man costumes since he was 3 or 4.)
Ben, and his older brother, Joe, posing with a very intricate Iron Man out of boxes, and scraps of planting buckets, and it looks like, Ribbon!
The bucket on his head, and cut up buckets for legs really completes the ensemble, don’t you think?
This is one of the earliest versions – painted when Ben was in Preschool . Not sure if it was at age 3 or 4, darn it.

Let us go then, you and I - let us discuss.

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