Children Assigned Research Topics

Bean a few days ago, striking a pose with a scarf. He likes to help accessorize me.

Tonight, Ben wants to learn about the History of Toilets, and thinks that we can do a little research on the internet to learn about that amazing subject.

When Bean heard this, he piped in that he would like to learn about the History of Beds.

Then as I was leaving for work, Bean was in tears he was so upset because he thought I didn’t match. I’m wearing a moss green, long, pencil-like skirt, black boots and a black jacket. I look stunning – I must say. But Bean was beside himself and seriously distraught, and wanted me to change my skirt to a black one. He doesn’t quite understand accenting colors or matching colors, he’s four, but he does like to help me pick out scarves as I’m getting ready in the morning. I actually have an app on my phone that goes into the color wheel – and helps with blending and coordinating colors. This could help Bean.

I have my work cut out for me this evening with a variety of research projects assigned by my 7- and 4-year old.

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