Changing the World – One Garden at a Time!

This book was a Christmas present from my husband and kids. I am the one responsible for researching what we’re doing here with this garden.
Here’s a quote from Chapter One!

“I have been gardening for twenty-five years and have never seen such gardening excitement in the air as I have in the last five years. There is definitely a shift taking place. As I watch the difficulties going on in the world today, the fact that people everywhere are turning to gardening gives me hope. I know that the simple act of planting and growing your own food changes everything: the way you eat, the way you live with the earth, the nutrients you give your body, the way you interact with your neighbors and the way you think. I know that one garden at a time we are literally changing the world!”

~ Jill Green, Phoenix, Arizona
This makes me feel like I am part of a movement. We are part of something bigger than just putting little seeds in the ground and hoping they will grow with the soil and the climate we have. We are part of a larger community that believes we can bring good things into our world by getting our hands dirty, sweating a little, overcoming some odds, building teamwork within family, and Growing Something Tasty!

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