This was actually a little while ago. This is me out cutting down the weeds to prepare our garden plot. Something I never dreamed I would be excited about, so excited that I was clapping my hands in glee, was when my husband got off the phone and informed me that he’d just procured three dump loads full of horse manure! After we finished laughing, we realized that being delighted over dung was absolutely not something either of us ever pictured in our lives. But there it is. We now have beautifully fertilized soil, and we keep adding to it, and digging it. In another few months, we’ll be able to rototiller the whole thing and start planting.
The Cook’s Garden supply catalog is one of my favorite things to read these days, as I continue to re plot my garden space. What started as a 100′ x 75′ plot, has become more like three individual plots of 60′ x 40′. I have it all on graph paper, and in my mind, it is going to be lush and beautiful. I have a full time job. During the summer months, my husband’s business is in full swing as well. We are planning on growing enough to can and preserve through a variety of means enough to last us through winter.
We are new at this and taking on quite a lot for beginners. What is it they say, “Go Big or Go Home!”? Well. That’s us.
We are researching the best we can. I’m just putting it out there right now that we may have more failures to write about in this first little bit, than successes. I’m fine with that. If we were honestly expecting ourselves to be wildly successful, we may get discouraged. But we are very clearheaded about what we are getting ourselves into. We think.
Experienced gardeners will see all our errors immediately. We only hope that we can learn with a good will and a lighthearted sense of humor about the whole thing.
It’s time to start buying seeds. I cannot wait!
So – if there are any gardeners who stop by – because I’m browsing your blogs… What are some of the things from your first year of gardening that you’d wished you’d known? I know we have to make some of our own mistakes, but we’d sure love to learn through yours and spare ourselves some of the trouble!! Thank you in advance for your kind input!!