The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Earlier today, I likened my naivete regarding our overblown gardening plans to The Big Rock Candy Mountain song from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” Then I had to go look it up and share it.

Harry ‘Haywire’ McClintock wrote his first song, the story of “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” around the turn of the last century which was based on fairy tales he had heard growing up, conjuring up images of houses built out of sweet cakes and candy. In this visual adaptation a scruffy old hobo brings us on a journey around this wonderfully lazy place where hand-outs grow on bushes and you can sleep out every night.

With beautifully rendered backgrounds and silky smooth animation the Big Rock Candy Mountain is something anybody of any age will enjoy.

This I found on YouTube: Uploaded by on Apr 28, 2008

We are still at the planning stages. If we didn’t have our heads in the clouds going in, we would already be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work ahead of us. I think it’s a better that we go into it with a lot of sugar coating, wishful thinking, hopes and whistling in the dark. Perhaps we will get some beginners luck to go along with it and all will be well!

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