Dinner Dreams and Gibberish

Circle time at dinner is our chance to go around the table and talk about something together as a family, each taking turns. It’s amazing how random the conversations get at times, but if we have a topic, we can stay on track and everyone gets the spotlight for a minute.
Last night, the discussion was about our favorite foods. We went meal by meal. First we went around talking about the dinner we would like best. I had a feeling my husband was just trying to come up with dinner ideas, which was awesome. Then we went to our favorite desserts, and we all shared the sweets we like the best. Next came breakfast and finally lunch. That was just the order we went in – it doesn’t sound right here, but that’s what we did. We were eating what was left of the leftovers – with a nicely set table. Ben even made name tags. And we were talking of all our favorite foods. It was quite the way to celebrate getting to the end of what was in the cupboard! Shopping day is almost here, and we are being incredibly crafty with how we use up what we have before we go get more. True pioneers!
For my favorite lunch, I chimed in Croque-monsieur and Nicoise Salad. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. And then they all laughed, because they thought I was talking gibberish, making up words.
No, no – those are French! I love Paris. I do not believe I will ever see it first hand. There’s just too much to do around here – like feeding the chickens. But I dream about France, and sometimes dream in French. I have a lovely accent, and barely know any words at all.
Bean sings to me tonight a new good-night song about dragons and flying ducks and he sings in a Southern Accent, just as sweet as pie, little darling. We are not Southern, he normally doesn’t speak with an accent: only apparently when he is singing a song he’s invented. We live a charmed life, I tell you!
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2 thoughts on “Dinner Dreams and Gibberish

  1. It’s one of those dishes that is super fun to order, because you almost feel accomplished and elegant just because you know how to say it!! Ha!

  2. I have a Ben too! And I really, really love Nicoise Salad! In fact, I was thinking of having that for dinner tonight. I think I have to, now!

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