A Sleep-over with Grown Women!

For my mother’s 70th birthday, her four daughters surprised her and took her to the St. Francis Hotel on Union Square in San Francisco for a festive sleep-over with all of us grown women. We had multiple presents for her to open – lots of little things that took all evening. We went to a sumptuous dinner and walked around Union Square looking in all the gorgeous windows. We stayed up late talking, and laughing, just us girls.

In the morning, we all piled into the car to go to Dad’s church to sing together and celebrate this amazing woman who is all love and laughter and a blessing to so many. But not before my sisters worked together to primp and preen her. My mother was practically in hysterics. I’m not much of a makeup girl myself, so I don’t have a clue. I took pictures. I sent a picture to my husband who agreed that this is a part of womanhood that he is happy to be far away from with our own household of boys – the time spent together in front of the mirror, sharing products, tweezing each others brows, curling each others hair. I remember it well from my childhood. These same three tried and tried to work their magic on me. I still would end up with a mascara wand in my eye!

The joys of sisterhood!

When was the last time you hosted a Sleep-Over for your friends or grown family?

2 thoughts on “A Sleep-over with Grown Women!

  1. What a great idea! Taking Grandma out for a sleepover makes me wish I had sisters. I do have girl cousins though . . . I might just give them a call.

    1. It really was super fun. My mom was the one who gave me the idea – when I was 25 to throw a sleepover for some of my friends. She had just thrown a sleepover for some of her friends at work – at age 50. Sleepovers are fun at any age!

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