I have boys. I will get used to bugs. I just will.

Bug Photo

What was I thinking – teaching my kids about Bugs? Seriously, did I contemplate the repercussions of this wise move for even a moment?

As we got started on the Classification of Animals section of What Your Third Grader Needs to Know, the part my kids got all wound up about was learning to tell bugs apart from each other. I had heard there was a Bug Museum at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. Apparently now, it is a destination requiring planning and a visit to check out bugs.

One thing I also need to do is find the movie Blue Butterfly on Amazon and get that as well. For someone squeamish about bugs as I am, that was a gorgeous movie set in the Tropical Rainforest of Costa Rica. Instead of getting grossed out (I watched this several years ago, with Joe, one of our older boys), I found myself really drawn to the various bugs and wanted to look at them and examine them. Some of them were beautiful and very intricate.

I have boys, I will get used to bugs. I just will.

photo from here.


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