Asphalt, Butter, Helicopter – or Cussing for a 4-year Old

Bean, cracking up at his brother

Bean is our little Philosopher. He thinks deep thoughts, and says the most amazing things under his breath while speaking to himself. He also talks non-stop, out-loud. If you try to listen in or ask what he’s talking about, he’ll sometimes snap that “I was talking to myself.” What gets me is when we are listening to music in the car, he’s sitting in the far back of the car, speaking louder than the music, most decidedly louder than the music, and I turn the music off to ask him what he wants to say, and he still says, “I was talking to myself.”

More like yelling, I think.

He is the youngest of four, two of whom are long grown and gone, and he doesn’t get out much. He won’t start Kindergarten until next year. He hears his older brothers tell all these stories of things they’ve seen out in the world, at work, at school, on the bus, on the playground and he repeats what he hears. Usually, he will tell the exact same story his older brother Ben just told at the dinner table, immediately after Ben told it. What amazes me is that Ben sits and listens and lets Bean tell his story as if it happened to him. We get to hear every story of life in the eyes of our boys in delayed stereo.

I keep meaning to capture the things Bean says under one heading of – The World According to Bean – because so many of the things he says I know we will end up referring back to later and they will make sense in a new world. He sees things in a way that makes me think he knows more than he lets on. He could be considered an Old Soul.

This morning, of course, I can’t think of one of his Philosophical Ramblings. That’s okay. He’s got them. Right now, of course, the most recent thing he’s doing with words, is finding ways to sound like he’s cussing without actually saying a bad word. Asphalt, Butter, Helicopter – while drawing out the part of the word that sounds like a bad word. This may be a little thing, but to a Poet Mama, I’m always delighted to hear my kids using words creatively, learning to play with them and make them into ideas and games in their own heads. Even if it means creatively cussing.

What are some of the choice one-liners your kids have used lately? Do you have creative cussers in your house too?

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