6 thoughts on “Family Time in the Back Field

  1. I saw your comment through SITS, and I came by to fall in love with those beautiful pictures on your site. I really liked the first one in this post, and I’m definitely scrolling and reading through the rest of your site!

    Thank you by the way for your sweet reply on my post. Would you be so kind to mail/comment back what’s not working with posting comments? I hope to try to figure out what went wrong. But thanks anyway to leave the comment through SITS, it meant a lot to me!

    1. It made me sad, because I wrote this big reply about how much your post touched my heart, and then it disappeared. Your blog won’t allow someone to post with just a name and URL. But I signed up to get your emails. You are a beautiful writer!

      1. Thank you thank you thank you! I changed some settings to the most open one I had available. I really do hope it will work next time…
        and I’m loving the stories about you and your boys. Hard to say what they do to me… but sometimes I wish I could just put my hand through the screen to caress, hug, or show jot for them. (I hope this came out well, because I’m stuck for words here…)

  2. Thank you for coming over to my neck of the woods! I’ll send you a link to the poem.

  3. oh, lucky goats! fresh blackberries! i look forward to your post about soul and space and getting to that place where holy meets real! thanks for stopping by my blog!

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