In Which I Fall in Love with a Ridiculously Ugly Building

There is this tangled, crazy, jumbled maze of paths type of nursery on the edge of town. We went there today. The boys ran around the paths until they were spent. Here they are resting among the Apple Trees.
As I was meandering along the many paths, I turned a corner and came upon this Behemoth, and it nearly took my breath away. Isn’t it delightfully creepy?
It’s such a twisted mess. I am in love with this building. What does that say about me? I’ve always dreamed of having a Writing Room at the top of one of these structures (that or a Lighthouse, just randomly plopped into the back field at my house!).
Is it wrong to love something so blatantly unappealing? I think that’s what draws me to it so – it is not trying to be anything other than what it is… a dilapidated mess. There it is, in all it’s glory, being a hot mess in the middle of a nursery full of gorgeous flowers and trees! Seriously, I am Smitten!
These too, are a bit withered. It’s the end of the season. But these little beauties will be surrounding my house come Spring!
Then, my husband bought us a Magnolia tree. These are little blossoms – don’t know if they are coming or going. The giant White Magnolia flower was the first flower he ever gave me. He cut it from the very tippy top of a tree he was trimming. I fell in love with him for so many things – this being one of them. The leaves will look glossy again with proper watering, and a home that loves this tree!
We planted it (well, Scott did – I stood by idly taking pictures!) where we can look out the front window and see it! We had a lovely day!

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