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Keeping Little Hands Busy while Daddy is installing the Wood Stove


I asked the boys today what their favorite part of the Fall Season is, and they started mentioning all the bright colors of the trees. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of a gigantic art project.

I pick up these enormous sized papers at Costco – they give them to me for free when I tell them I’m working with young artists who need inexpensive canvasses. These are back in the Toilet Paper and Paper Towel section. These giant pieces of paper are part of the packing material! I always have a few stored under the living room rug for when we want to do something grand.

Ben took on the task of painting the tree trunk, while Bean and I cut out leaves from various colors of paper.


Ben added a hole in the tree, and lots of swirls and bark lines. He said he couldn’t even really imagine this tree without a Swing. I love his vision. I think it looks amazing. We laid out all the different colors of paper and then glued them all down.

Isn’t it beautiful? We are trying to decide where to hang it. It may end up going in the boys room, because it is their art. Ben thinks we should do a tree for each season. This goes along with my idea from a few days ago, and I love it.

We decided to add the little lines in the leaves just for some detail. This only took about an hour. Then we had a quick lunch, and Ben and Bean went to the movies with their Grandma – as a special treat for Bean’s birthday coming up on Tuesday.

That’s when Scott and I got busy on the other project – getting the stove pipe installed. More photos momentarily!

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