The Mom Flower

Snapdragons from our garden a couple of years ago

The other night at dinner, Scott explained to the boys about The Mom Flower. He told them that moms need hugs and kisses and sweetness from their children to survive, and that being cross with a mom makes her wilt.

Ben said, “So, if we’re nice, she gets prettier; and if we’re mean, she’ll turn into a raisin?”

Essentially, yes.

“You’ve seen your mom when she’s stressed out, right?” Scott asked the boys.

“And you’ve seen your mom when she’s happy, right? The whole world lights up around her.”

I’ve heard him remind the boys already today a couple of times since then about The Mom Flower, and what I need, and heard their voices soften at the instigation.

I love my life!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    What a lovely story from your family ~ You are blessed indeed ~


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