My father told me when I was young that “Thoughts untangle themselves when they cross our lips or pencil tips.” We develop as humans when we discuss ideas with others, or when we wrestle them out on paper. When we are in dialogue – either with others or internally – we learn and grow and broaden our minds and infuse our spirit with the sparks of inspired neurons forging new paths. Our brains need food, like our bodies, and the sustenance of the psyche, that beautiful mystical blending of heart and soul and spirit is the contemplation of ideas.

What is the purpose or intention of my writing? My favorite blogs are perhaps a little pointless. They aren’t necessarily selling anything, although they might have some sponsored links because they do get traffic. The writers are thinking out loud about a variety of topics; whatever pops into their heads from day to day. And I think that is where I fit as well. I may not have a point to my blogging, but I have a lot of thoughts, and musings.

My children are definitely at the base of many of my wonders – or my attempts at parenting them wisely, and learning as I go. Poetry is probably my biggest catalyst. Seeing the world through a poetic lens and interpreting things from the perspective that beauty matters, art matters, creativity and expression matter. Expanding the soul through the work of love and laughter and understanding ourselves better by the day is also something that tends to come into play in much of my writing.

And then there is the writing in general. The putting of thoughts on paper because it is what brings me joy. It is my spiritual practice, the thing that centers me and grounds me and keeps me balanced.


Perhaps, the true core of why I write, is the desire to have a great mind, one that continues to grow and develop throughout my life, one that is ever evolving, expanding and enriching others if possible. I enjoy the discussion in the comment section when others become involved with the thoughts I write down.

I want my children to ask questions and think big thoughts. They have young, fresh minds. I want them to move beyond the small-mindedness of grade school and junior high, where discussing people is the rule of the day. I would love it if, even at an early age, they develop a desire to have more lofty thoughts, to rise up the ladder toward events and eventually ideas themselves. We have outrageous discussions at dinnertime that get us thinking about all sorts of things. Ben or Bean often lead the charge with some deep philosophical question. These dinner table conversations are often fodder for my own thoughts and become writing prompts.

Sometimes, these meanderings sort themselves into neat packages with a beginning, a middle and a tidy end. Other times, the ideas seem to say, “I’m not going to stop here. I’d like the option to continue churning in the background and turn into something else.” This is what I’ve come to understand as Percolating – ideas playing hopscotch in the grey matter behind my day to day work, sneaking into daydreams and brainstorms and then bursting onto the page of another day. An active mind at play is always a work in progress. It can be a bit of a wild tiger ride, or a walk beside quiet waters. And being able to enjoy our own internal landscape is a great thing.

Either way, I will be back tomorrow to share what is happening here, and I look forward to finding the writings of others across the blogosphere as they dance their thoughts to the page. Cheers and many happy musings.