(I wrote this back on April 29, 2015, and never published it, because my problems seemed so small in comparison to the world falling apart, and Baltimore burning, and racial tension breaking our hearts. I ended up writing a poem instead, She Thought Perhaps Azalea, which ended up getting featured on a friend’s Activism Page. I read it at Poetry Slam and it felt like the better story to share at the time. Now, in February of 2017, I’m going through and editing things and wanted to share this story after the fact. Morduck was a very special duck.)


It all started with a present for our Eighth¬†Anniversary. Scott brought me a duck, and we named him Morduck. He was our first farm animal – what Scott called our “Gateway” to farming. Soon, we had to get him companion ducks, and he had a little harem of two females. They swam contentedly around their kiddie pool. Then we had chickens, goats, pigs and geese. We turned into a full-fledged little farm.

Earlier this year, Scott dug the ducks and geese (we have since added to the gaggle) a pond and they love it. They started out being in it constantly; playing, getting feisty, swimming around in formations, and napping with their head under one wing. Now they are back to waddling around the whole back field, taunting the goats and tugging at their beards to lead them around.

Some of the ducks had started getting under the fence into our yard, where the dogs live. That is not a good idea, and we would shoo them back under and back to where they belong. They seemed fast enough, and the dogs were leaving them alone.

This morning, Bean came in to tell me that the dogs had gotten one of the ducks. He waited to see my reaction. I stayed calm as I was putting on my sunscreen in the bathroom. Then he said, “It is dead, dead, dead, Mom.” I asked, “Are you wanting to make me cry?” I said the ducks had been getting into the yard, and we can’t really be mad at the dogs. They were just doing what dogs do. I was sad, but I would survive.

Then Scott came in and told me it was Morduck, and I started sobbing.