Filling Small Pages with Enormous Words of Love

These are the tiny books Bean has made for me in the last week. The Best Mom book is 22 pages with my name written on every page, and as you can see, just larger than a quarter. The other book with stars and moon and hearts on the outside is blank inside and he wants me to fill each page with a Poem. Eh-hem. I don’t write poems short enough to go on these itty-bitty pages, but he is my collector of minuscule things, and making these miniature books is a very big labor of love for him. So, this week, I will be working on smaller than Haiku types of poems to fill this book from my seven-year old.

5 thoughts on “Filling Small Pages with Enormous Words of Love

  1. How amazing is that!! I love that he loves that you write, and acknowledges it in such a way, eager for you to fill a book of his own making.

    1. Thank you. This blog is my attempt to keep a memory box large enough to encompass every little gesture and sweetness my boys provide on a daily basis.

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