Magnificent Spirals

make the universe,

and unmake our minds at times:


     or upward

either way too much,

too fast

and angry or lost,

or broken and bitter,

and not knowing,

just spinning in cycles

of growth and hormones,

and probably hungry,

and out of control.


There is a path to get back to,

with Stardust crumbs 

to find our way

back out of the woods,

if only we can slow down

and breathe long enough

to remember…


No matter how too much

we feel, we are perfect,

we are designed chaos,

we are powerful sparks

leaping across synapses

building freeways

and connections

more beautiful

than spiderwebs in snow.


We are Golden Ratios,

we are shells that

mirror galaxies

spinning in space.


We are breath and bone.

We are sighs to steady,

We are air pushed through lungs,

with gently closed eyes,

and pursed lips.


We are where we need to be.

We are what we need to learn.

We are incandescent

wonders to behold.


Photo from Lisaleo on Morguefile

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