“Days of Soup and Holler,” ~ My New Book!

It’s available wherever you purchase books online – Amazon and Barnes & Noble to name a couple.
This is the back cover of the book – sorry it’s blurry – it’s a copy from Amazon.

And just for fun – here is the Table of Contents. I am drawn to titles, so perhaps some of these will entice you.

Days of Soup and Holler


Section One: Take One

  1. She Saw Elephants 
  2. Before the Rebellion
  3. Picnic Tree (Away at Boarding School)
  4. Growing up in a Castle
  5. Prodigal Daughter
  6. But What of the Other Mothers
  7. My Life Story in Music
  8. Leaving
  9. Lila Fae Hancock (Single Days)

Section Two: Then Came Love – Married Life

  1. I am woman, Dance Me!
  2. Narnia Today
  3. Sit Yourself DOWN Girl (Momentary Madness of owning a Harley)
  4. Soundtrack: We all wish we had one! (Written when I was mad at my husband and somehow talking in a Southern Accent made me forget)
  5. Bared Claws
  6. Strengthen me with Raisins
  7. Every Other Breath I Take
  8. Benediction
  9. “I Will Not Pretend That My Hands Don’t Work”
  10. Toward Paper, Toward Pen
  11. The High Holy Now (I had to pull this one out at a Poetry Slam for the WIN when the poet with a score closest to mine had gotten straight 10’s in the second round – it still makes blush.)

Section Three: Wild, Crazy Children

  1. “Warm Chocolate Milk, Not Hot, Warm!”
  2. Secrets for a Mommy’s Soul
  3. As Loud as my Fingers Can Snap
  4. This Much I Know
  5. I was a Dark Storm Cloud
  6. Hot Tears Fall into the Freshly Cleaned Commode
  7. The Turtles have Left the Building
  8. Wrestling with Night
  9. Boomerangs for Sale
  10. Christmas in Deep Freeze
  11. Say Yes
  12. Great and Simple Images that Open our Hearts
  13. Superstar
  14. Constantly Knocking Over the Teacups
  15. There are Pillars
  16. I Have Been Waiting my Whole Entire Life for this Moment!
  17. The Stories of our Lives
  18. Here’s to Hilarious Late-Night Snacking
  19. The Resistance will Speak French
  20. Pot. Kettle. Black.
  21. This May Backfire
  22. You are All This and Then Some
  23. Mothers
  24. Brains on Fire
  25. Stay

Section Four: A Poet Peeks Out at the World

  1. Days of Soup & Holler
  2. A $68.9 Million Dollar Modigliani Painting and a Homeless Man
  3. All this Talk of Rosemary and Religion
  4. Ferocious Calm
  5. Metronome
  6. Braille Bible
  7. Hallelujah
  8. She Thought, Perhaps, Azalea
  9. Restored
  10. Be Askew
  11. The Beauty of a Strong, Silent Shoulder of Solace
  12. Rebels
  13. The Painting that Broke my Heart Wide Open

Section Five: Finding Home in a Community of Writers

  1. Poem to Young Poets
  2. As Trees are Born to Bear Leaves
  3. My Poet Heart
  4. My Quiet Place, My Still, Oh Where?
  5. Sink Down Deep
  6. The Secret Life of Words
  7. This Page
  8. Wonder at the Whimsy of Others
  9. Craft
  10. Once a Black Sheep
  11. Grace Falls

Let us go then, you and I - let us discuss.

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