One Small Step At a Time

Have you ever wanted to make a change – a big change – and found yourself almost hyperventilating with all the steps that will be necessary to get from where you are now to where you want to be? I am feeling overwhelmed.

This is big for me, and it will take so many steps, and I want to rush in, and rush through them, and not know what I’m doing, and spin in circles, and get overwhelmed. That’s the series of things that would happen if I jumped into this in the way I sometimes jump. I want to leap through the air like a ballerina, only I’ve never learned to dance, so I’d break my leg. You see where this is going? I get overexcited and try too hard to do too many parts of the new thing at once and I fall apart.

I want slow, steady, one step at a time. I want to step ever so slowly onto the balance point of this tightrope, wobble for a while as I try to get it to slow into a holding place, and just stay there long enough to learn that one foot feel, that one foot at its place and how the nonmovement in that place feels. And then, I want to dare to take several breaths in a row and not fall. Then maybe, take the next step and go through the whole process again of wobbling, finding balance, finding foothold, coming to a stillness, and breathing.

There are many steps in my upcoming process, and for each one, I will need to be what, to me, will feel agonizingly slow – but what will, in fact, be what is required.

I am trying to build something. I am wanting to make a difference. That’s all. I want to share positive vibes and meaningful messages of hope and self-love. First, I have to build my audience. If you are here with me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want you to know that working to share something that is inspiring is my spiritual practice and what makes my soul full.

This is the actual sign above my writing desk that fills me up every day.

Peace and Love to You!

(All photos – except the Inspire sign – are from Royalty Free Photos)

Let us go then, you and I - let us discuss.

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