Elevator Pitch of This Blog


The Short Version:

Helping moms go from feeling Frazzled to feeling Fearless in Mothering.

The more detailed version:

My target audience is other moms.

The need I attempt to address is the universal feeling of being Frazzled, or overwhelmed by the daunting task before us of raising our children. It is the biggest possible job with the least amount of training. We may have great parents, or we may not. We may have all sorts of resources available to us in the world, and even that can be overwhelming. There are so many schools of thought regarding what we should be doing for our children, and what we need to let them figure out on their own. The boiled down version of this is that we often feel absolutely Frayed and Frazzled!

“Let my teaching fall like rain and my words descend like dew, like showers on new grass, like abundant rain on tender plants.” – Deuteronomy 32:2

Let my words fall like Gentle Rain on Tender Plants – Nourishing, Soothing. That is the effect I would like to have. Although, I cringe at aligning myself too closely to the speaker in this verse. I am not a giver of laws. And I do not believe I am a teacher, as much as a fellow traveler. However, the imagery is gorgeous, and as a Poet, I am enthralled with luscious word pictures.

The solution I wish to offer here is that of seeing our children as the poems they are. By viewing the world through poetic eyes (not necessarily by sharing poetry with you, but sharing the way I see the world as a poet), I hope to highlight the gentle beauty in the midst of chaos, the humor inherent in the struggles, the joy in the middle of crazy-making, the serenity that can be had when we stop to realize the wealth of wisdom we already have in just a tiny breath between our moments. I share my foibles and failures, and I share the beauty I find. I share daily happenings, the things I read, the quotes that resonate with me, and the heroes who help me be more present. I trust these AHA moments can be universally applied and give you the feeling of being Fearless rather than Frazzled.

It takes a village to raise our children, and that means, to me, listening to the voices available to us who strengthen our resolve to be better at this amazing job. If I can help you see your children through the lens of a few tears, and joy, and radiance, then I will have done my job.

Bless you, and bless the children who look to you for love.

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