Rose Window Geometry

Ah – the glories of learning off the computer! Could there be a more exhilarating way to see in a quick moment all the geometric wonders involved in those wonderful Cathedral windows of old? (Perhaps it is because I have learned to love Math so very much, that this is so astounding to me!) This week for our Art Day on Wednesday, we looked at … Continue reading Rose Window Geometry

Keeping up with Ben

Ben is our nine-year old, who builds with paper and tape. He wakes up every morning with a new plan, and goes after it with a rare determination. We have recently started homeschooling him because spending all those hours at school every day with no access to his art supplies was actually really hard on him. Here at home, we can work on grammar or … Continue reading Keeping up with Ben

Motorcycle Builders, Be Prepared. You have Some Competition Growing.

For the next year, give or take a few hours, we will have to refer to him as a nine-year old. However, this latest paper and tape creation was made by an eight-year old. He is nearly a tween, but still, to his mom, a boy with big dreams. He wants to do everything. He is at the age where everything is possible, and there are … Continue reading Motorcycle Builders, Be Prepared. You have Some Competition Growing.

Parenting and The Doorway to the Mysteries of Life

This article is based on a prompt from a blog I enjoy called the Tao Te Ching Daily – which gives beautiful, peaceful, soothing, inviting, mindful advice about living. The Tao, as I understand it, is a philosophy of thought, read and enjoyed by C.S. Lewis among a multitude of others. On her blog, writer Amy Putkonen works through her interpretations of the writings within The … Continue reading Parenting and The Doorway to the Mysteries of Life

Farm Festival at the Wood House

Saturday, we wanted to run down to the Eagle Point Farmers Market for some veggies, but instead ended up at The Wood House for their Farm Festival. My boys adore antiques and things that show how life was in the Olden Days. The Wood House isn’t open to the public every day, so when it is open, we want to be there, and walk through … Continue reading Farm Festival at the Wood House

Let’s Start the Day with Art

After Scott and I finished Morning Chores, he left for a day of removing an emergency tree. Ben started his day by inviting me to join him at the Kitchen Table. “We can pull out all the art supplies and just color and draw together – everything but the paints, because that would get too messy.” He said he’d gotten an idea from something he … Continue reading Let’s Start the Day with Art

Playing with Fireworks Everyday!

That, apparently, is what it is like to be an artistic welder, and spray sparks all day in the process of creating. This is according to Cheryl Garcia, whose studio we had the distinct pleasure of visiting yesterday for an Art Excursion. When she said this, Ben’s eyes lit up in recognition. He knows the joys of shooting sparks and creating something from inside a … Continue reading Playing with Fireworks Everyday!

Dusted off, and Fluffed – Spruced, and Dolled up

  There are certain kinds of people who can handle antique stores. I know the difference because I have sisters who cannot stand the musty smell or the idea that other unknown people have used these items. When I was little, we would sometimes go for long afternoon drives on Sunday, and just meander around not going anywhere in particular, but looking at things, and taking … Continue reading Dusted off, and Fluffed – Spruced, and Dolled up

Art Wednesday has Never Been So Decadent and Delicious

It has been a crazy day. Bean started out doing some artwork out of my What Your Preschooler Needs to Know book – with lots of paint and colors to keep him occupied while I got a turkey into the oven. Most of the time, Scott does the cooking around here. It’s safer that way. But today he had 5 estimates, and so he asked me to … Continue reading Art Wednesday has Never Been So Decadent and Delicious

First Wednesday Gallery Visit

Since I am no longer working full-time at a regular day job, but at home with our farm and our tree service, my preschooler, and my 3rd grader… I am able to pick Ben up from school on his Early Out Wednesday each and every Wednesday, hopefully, and go visit an Art Gallery for Art & Music Day! We started out with Ice Cream cones at the … Continue reading First Wednesday Gallery Visit

Sitting and Staring, and Starry Starry Night

For starters, this was supposed to be finished yesterday, when it was still Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday. It is a whole lot of thoughts mulling around about being an artist, and what it means to feed that. The other morning, on my first morning of not getting ready for work in an office, I found myself sitting and staring out the window at the front … Continue reading Sitting and Staring, and Starry Starry Night