Beloved Adolescence!

Peas from this Morning! Remember all those months ago – way back in January or February – when we first planted the seeds for these Peas? Well, that first batch didn’t make it. I had to try again, but here they are, this morning, tall and gorgeous and with Peas growing every which way, all flouncy and bubbly and growing every day more gangly, but … Continue reading Beloved Adolescence!


The big news is that my garden now has water. We have been painstakingly putting in water lines, and then little spaghetti tubing, and then little tiny sprinkler or dripper or dribbler heads for every single one of the baby seedling plants in the garden, so that while we are at work, they will not dry out. We still have no idea what we’re doing. … Continue reading Drink!


Could there be anything more glorious than the sight – nearly 6 weeks after that first seed was kissed tenderly and placed into the ground? I went out to check on my seedlings in the greenhouse – and those are all doing splendidly. Then went to bring over more chips to put in between our deep, wide rows. The only things that are planted outside right … Continue reading Sprouts

Kissing Seeds & Planting Kisses

The first plants into the garden – Peas, glorious Peas! I kissed the first little pea seed that I placed in the dirt at the base of it’s stalk. Grow, little pea! Grow! It reminded me of the children’s book my husband recently bought for me as an early Valentine’s present. It is called Plant a Kiss and it is written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, … Continue reading Kissing Seeds & Planting Kisses

The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Earlier today, I likened my naivete regarding our overblown gardening plans to The Big Rock Candy Mountain song from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” Then I had to go look it up and share it. Harry ‘Haywire’ McClintock wrote his first song, the story of “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” around the turn of the last century which was based on fairy tales he … Continue reading The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Dreaming of Sticks and Twine

This may or may not count for anything in the overall scheme of things. But this week, I’ve been dreaming of sticks and twines. This is a change for me because generally I dream of the finished product of a lush, gorgeous garden. Somewhere in there I’m the envy of all my friends, and we’re throwing little garden parties in the cool of the evening. … Continue reading Dreaming of Sticks and Twine

Changing the World – One Garden at a Time!

This book was a Christmas present from my husband and kids. I am the one responsible for researching what we’re doing here with this garden. Here’s a quote from Chapter One! “I have been gardening for twenty-five years and have never seen such gardening excitement in the air as I have in the last five years. There is definitely a shift taking place. As I … Continue reading Changing the World – One Garden at a Time!

Not a High-Heeled Activity

This was actually a little while ago. This is me out cutting down the weeds to prepare our garden plot. Something I never dreamed I would be excited about, so excited that I was clapping my hands in glee, was when my husband got off the phone and informed me that he’d just procured three dump loads full of horse manure! After we finished laughing, … Continue reading Not a High-Heeled Activity

Walden & The Dixie Chicks

Henry David Thoreau wrote Walden about getting out into the wild, leaving civilization and exploring what it meant to live simply, intentionally. Oh – I need to get my hands on that book again and delve into the richness of his mind. The Dixie Chicks wrote a song called Cowboy Take Me Away, with a line that said, “I said I wanna touch the earth, … Continue reading Walden & The Dixie Chicks