Meditations on Relish, the Food, and the Lifestyle!

My mind is a complete blank and that is a good thing. Normally, I am filled to the brim with lists of things to do, goals to accomplish, needs to be met, laundry to be folded, or animals to be fed and watered. This morning feels peaceful, still, and dark. I know that later on today, we will be canning the last few batches of tomato … Continue reading Meditations on Relish, the Food, and the Lifestyle!

Victory Gardens and Victory Salads

For History & Geography night, we read from American Kids in History – WWII. We read the section about Victory Gardens and Victory Salads. During that time in our history, people returned to Gardening in record numbers as a patriotic thing to do. We learned that in 1943 Americans planted almost 21 million gardens. And in 1944, the last full year of the war, victory … Continue reading Victory Gardens and Victory Salads


The big news is that my garden now has water. We have been painstakingly putting in water lines, and then little spaghetti tubing, and then little tiny sprinkler or dripper or dribbler heads for every single one of the baby seedling plants in the garden, so that while we are at work, they will not dry out. We still have no idea what we’re doing. … Continue reading Drink!