Beauty Tips from Picasso

Ben, at age 4, with one of his Picasso Puppets
“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary,” said Pablo Picasso, and I wonder about symmetry being unnecessary to him. Picasso is one of those artists who has made a wild and important impact on the world of art, and yet, I will quickly admit that I don’t always understand what is so great about painting a woman and putting both her eyes on the same side of her face, her lips down on her chin and her right cheek up on her forehead. What is he trying to say, I wonder?

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Reveling in Having Earned a Silver Hair

As the school year progresses, my 14-year old son, as well as our new 12-year old son, who is an addition to the blend we already had going, keep bringing new friends home. Our family has gotten bigger, our challenges and our joys have increased, and our schedule of activities has somehow quadrupled. Meanwhile, as I got ready for work the other day, I noticed … Continue reading Reveling in Having Earned a Silver Hair