The Stories of our Lives

  It all started with Harold & the Purple Crayon. My youngest and I read the story together in front of a blazing fire and he said he wanted to have this book in his collection someday when he grows up and moves out. I told him he would need his own copy because there…


When something takes on otherworldly proportions because of its simplicity and beauty.


  The conflict happens because she’s right and she loves you. And yet, we strive against all her rightness, her great ideas, Her prodding us into things that challenge and define us.   She made memories for us, with the books she read us, The games she played, the places she took us, The worlds…

Bared Claws

I have heard of the dance of Eagles mating.

I have seen the statue of talons out sharp;

a fierce battle and free fall – wings and bodies

tumbling over one another as they drop to earth.

Brains on Fire

  I have read that teenagers’ brains want to learn through hunger, thirst, and desire.* This is not something they do on purpose to annoy us. They are chemically altered because of their age and the enormous amounts of growing going on in their brains. They are drawn to things that require everything of them….

Poetry in Music and Dance

There is so much poetry in dance, in the way bodies sidle up to one another and barely touch and then move away, only to come back around and move together suggestively, still holding back, still mostly eyes, still only hints at what could happen if both bodies fully engaged. There is love and loss…


“At this point in his life, he hadn’t started inhabiting his work, like he did later.”

Ferocious Calm

I am angry and I feel slighted and perhaps, I’m  being childish; but I want to pout and stamp my foot and behave inappropriately. At the same time, I know this is beneath me, that I can and should rise above. The issue at hand is of no consequence. I am literally upset over nothing, a minor inconvenience,…

Filling Small Pages with Enormous Words of Love

These are the tiny books Bean has made for me in the last week. The Best Mom book is 22 pages with my name written on every page, and as you can see, just larger than a quarter. The other book with stars and moon and hearts on the outside is blank inside and he…