Much Ado About You


However you happen to be here, I am delighted.

Perhaps you view the world through soul-splashed windows too. You are a Poet, a Philosopher, a Lover of Words. You may be a Parent attempting to dance through life with your children: spirited, unperturbed by their messiness, amazed by the wonders they introduce you to all around you. Some days you remember that your children are the Poems you write today, and sometimes you wish they could be more poetic and stop yelling so much.

If you are wanting reminders of the beauty in everyday life, that is what I attempt to dish out in spoonfuls.

Please leave me breadcrumbs to where you write and share your heart.

Tell me all your thoughts on God

You have been broken, as most of us have. Your pieces are going back together even now, and where you’ve stitched or mended, filled with mortar or gold leaf tell as much about you as the whole. Every story you have to share makes you more beautiful. I look forward to hearing your stories, to being a part of them as I listen.

Thank you, and thank you again.

photo from here

Let us go then, you and I - let us discuss.

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