Poetry in Music and Dance

There is so much poetry in dance, in the way bodies sidle up to one another and barely touch and then move away, only to come back around and move together suggestively, still holding back, still mostly eyes, still only hints at what could happen if both bodies fully engaged. There is love and loss and poise and danger. There is heart on sleeve, and … Continue reading Poetry in Music and Dance

“Mommy, Can I Dance in a Dumpster?”

This is not the scene from SYTYCD – it was just the best semi-related picture I could find! It has been a long week. One thing I love about when the days start getting shorter, and the kids aren’t running around outside until almost nine o’clock at night, is that we can start doing Friday Night movie nights again. It doesn’t seem right to close the … Continue reading “Mommy, Can I Dance in a Dumpster?”

The Beauty of Being Vulnerable

Today I am remembering dancers on “So You Think You Can Dance.” Every time I watch a dancer perform, I’m blown away and usually moved to tears by the skill and the craft and the, I don’t know how to say it, the transparency of the dancers. I have an art form. I put words on paper and sometimes they come out meaning something to … Continue reading The Beauty of Being Vulnerable