Always, “Forever!”

Honestly, the other day in a really long line at the grocery store, I ended up talking with the woman behind me, the woman in front of me, and the checker gal. We all had so much fun together, laughing and complimenting one another. I walked outside to put my groceries away and thought, “What would be so wrong with telling them I’d like to know them more and hang out?” Well, it would be weird, of course. Continue reading Always, “Forever!”

Friends Ride Over Jumps Together

Brothers, out in the country, with no one else around for miles, become best friends out of necessity. I think there is nothing more fun as a mother, than seeing my boys play together. They fight too. It’s a constant roller-coaster of highs and lows with them. They either ride their bikes all up and down the quarter-mile driveway, through the back field, over jumps … Continue reading Friends Ride Over Jumps Together