Gears, Math and Contrary

Gears are at the heart of so many things around here. Scott is building a race car for the Drag Strip that is around the corner from our house. Both boys like to build motorcycles and bikes, and finger bikes, and scooters and anything else with wheels, really. I can see them going into fields like engineering or design or drafting. They are artists. Anything … Continue reading Gears, Math and Contrary

Shifting Gears back to Mechanics and Math

After the heaviness of the most recent dinnertime topic, it was a relief to get back to How Things Work again tonight. This time my husband jumped in, because I was trying to explain how a gear shifting mechanism works, simply based on a rudimentary understanding of the idea, without any real hands on experience. He let me flounder for only a minute, and then … Continue reading Shifting Gears back to Mechanics and Math