Chores, Homework & Accomplishment – Aha!

Chores. I remember being a kid and having chores, and thinking I was overworked and under-appreciated. I remember feeling like all I ever did was work. I know it takes a while to have a grownup mind, but wow, is the young mind a crazy place. I truly remember knowing for certain that our home would cease to function without my efforts, and that somehow, … Continue reading Chores, Homework & Accomplishment – Aha!

Keeping up with Ben

Ben is our nine-year old, who builds with paper and tape. He wakes up every morning with a new plan, and goes after it with a rare determination. We have recently started homeschooling him because spending all those hours at school every day with no access to his art supplies was actually really hard on him. Here at home, we can work on grammar or … Continue reading Keeping up with Ben

Downbeats of Defiance

Sometimes I shatter; break into pieces and scatter across the floor.   My tiny shards reflect light in odd patterns on the wall and once again I am something shiny.   I remember a spark, I remember a brilliance, I point with awe.   We do this dance of bright things to dung hills and back again; excitement and despair.   The mysteries, the mundane, … Continue reading Downbeats of Defiance