Last year’s Super Garden was basically our first. Yes, we dove right in. We had done some raised boxes in California, but didn’t get the soil right, so everything bloomed and then died. Last year’s harvest was spectacular, and completely overwhelming, when we started getting everything canned. I was canning before work, and after work, and on weekends. By the time we had finished, we … Continue reading Garden~Palooza

Mommy Learns to Behave in a Store

The other day I was talking myself through the In-Store-Behavior-Malfunction that seems to be something every mother struggles through with her children. When I am the one with the incredible leisure moment of getting to go to the store by myself, and just wander around looking for the things I need, getting distracted by the things I don’t need, and not having to raise my … Continue reading Mommy Learns to Behave in a Store