“We are all, Despite Ourselves, Drenched in Narrative”

  “Long, long ago, in a village far away…” And so begins a story, that holds our attention all through dinner. Benjamin, my 8-year old, told a story that he’d heard at school, with such skill that I was on the edge of my seat, wide-eyed and crying at one point. Such heroism. Such love. He just waited patiently for me to stop blubbing and … Continue reading “We are all, Despite Ourselves, Drenched in Narrative”

Exuberance and Chopsticks

They are like a basket of pups, adorable, tiny, rolling over one another to get a pat on the head, a snuggle, or a kiss. They wiggle in places no grownup person could manage to move. They are elastic bands. They are rubber balls. They are sparks flying from a firecracker. They are constant exuberance over every new adventure, and every day they learn something … Continue reading Exuberance and Chopsticks