A Matter of Perspective

  Tao Tuesday – in participation with the Tao Te Ching Daily site by Amy Putkonen.   Chapter 79   Failure is an opportunity. If you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame.   Therefore the Master fulfills her own obligations and corrects her own mistakes. She does what she needs to do and demands nothing of others.   First, I read Amy’s essay … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective

Spatial Relationships on a Flat Surface

Just thinking of the word Perspective tweaks my brain a tad. There are so many points to consider. Last night, my boys and I worked on the idea of a Vanishing Point in art. We looked at some YouTube videos of learning to draw a scene based on a single vanishing point, and all the lines you should draw across the scene to make sure … Continue reading Spatial Relationships on a Flat Surface

The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul

Okay – that line is actually borrowed from Douglas Adams, who wrote a book with that title. In reading through some of my favorite blogs this morning, I came across the line:  We’ve stood beside each other when one of us has gone through the long, dark night of the soul, as we all have done from time to time. And I realized, that is … Continue reading The Long, Dark Teatime of the Soul