Art & Music – First Day of School

Ben’s painting We were so excited about the start of school this year. Ben has said he hates school since first grade. This year, his teacher seems to be into Art, and we were incredibly hopeful. Yet, when Ben got off the bus, he was morose and discouraged. It was only the first day, so that’s a lot of just going over expectations, and showing … Continue reading Art & Music – First Day of School

I was a Dark Storm Cloud

I was a dark storm cloud of a miserable mom yesterday afternoon. My little artist son has an artist’s temperment, as do I, and sometimes those strong wills, and fierce emotions, and melodrama collide and we are a tangle of frustration with each other. Luckily we have been very clear about how dramatically we love one another – as big as the universe, as loud … Continue reading I was a Dark Storm Cloud