Tears Cresting and Falling – Moved by Literature and Theatre

So, tears come easily perhaps. And the pain others put into story form, to allow others to see into their world, see what their challenges and struggles were, see what they rose up from, what brought them to their knees – I feel these things deeply. Continue reading Tears Cresting and Falling – Moved by Literature and Theatre

Horrifying Comparison of Adolescence

This is not a reference I throw around lightly. This is something I have studied. I worked at the Anti-Defamation League in San Francisco when I was younger, helping maintain their library of groups they watched for hate crimes or atrocities in the making. Every day, researchers would hand me stacks of articles from periodicals around the world to chronicle and file. They kept records … Continue reading Horrifying Comparison of Adolescence

A Matter of Perspective

  Tao Tuesday – in participation with the Tao Te Ching Daily site by Amy Putkonen.   Chapter 79   Failure is an opportunity. If you blame someone else, there is no end to the blame.   Therefore the Master fulfills her own obligations and corrects her own mistakes. She does what she needs to do and demands nothing of others.   First, I read Amy’s essay … Continue reading A Matter of Perspective

Majestic Heights of Soul Force

Today, we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday with a couple of videos* specifically tailored for children’s understanding. When we were done, my six-year old announced that he was going to color a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ben joined him in coloring on the living room floor, and I printed out the “I Have a Dream Speech,” to read to them as they … Continue reading Majestic Heights of Soul Force

Classify, don’t Stereotype – Sort, don’t Judge

Over dinner we got into a big discussion of not judging a book by its cover.  We talked about the people we met at the Art Gallery, who were disabled, and how some people would look at them and think that their life is difficult, and they wouldn’t take the time to get to know what is inside that person. We don’t want to look … Continue reading Classify, don’t Stereotype – Sort, don’t Judge