Constantly Knocking Over the Teacups

  I started to say that whenever we have a day where I feel like I’ve given my absolute best, I’ve poured everything I have into this mothering gig, and really done a bang up job, that’s when my kids act out and get crazy and I end up becoming unravelled by bedtime… I started to say that, and then this story popped into my … Continue reading Constantly Knocking Over the Teacups

— Submarine, Pogo Stick —

Words and phrases fascinate me. A stunning turn of phrase can take my breath away. I am a bit of a mystic and philosophy and poetry move me. The first author I completely fell for was Madeline L’Engle, in her book, “The Small Rain.” Her way with words was an other-worldly experience for me. It was as if she was putting my own thoughts onto … Continue reading — Submarine, Pogo Stick —