Growing up in a Castle

I grew up playing in a castle. My parents were members of an organization whose headquarters was an actual castle, and as little children, my sisters and I played all over that place and ran up winding staircases and into turrets, then down again into the kitchens far below. There were secret passageways and huge chandeliers. There were tall, elegant windows with heavy draperies we could hide behind. It was … Continue reading Growing up in a Castle

Too Much Happy

Writing as Practice from Writing Down The Bones “Writing practice embraces your whole life and doesn’t demand any logical form: no chapter 19 following the action in chapter 18. It’s a place that you can come to wild and unbridled, mixing the dream of your grandmother’s soup with the astounding clouds outside your window. It is undirected and has to do with all of you … Continue reading Too Much Happy

Colorful Coleslaw of Consciousness

This is a 10 minute Timed Writing from the chapter in Writing Down The Bones about First Thoughts. (I always hand-write a timed writing. I like the feeling of pen to paper.) “Explore the rugged edge of thought. Like grating a carrot, give the paper the colorful coleslaw of your consciousness.” Natalie Goldberg – Writing Down The Bones. The rugged edge tonight – the coleslaw … Continue reading Colorful Coleslaw of Consciousness