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Boomerangs for Sale!

And this is how we started our New Year. Scott and I were using the bobcat and the tractor to move dirt around since it was a lovely sunny day in Southern Oregon. We’d been moving dirt to the garden plot for over an hour, when I started wondering what my boys were doing inside. It was awfully quiet. Spells trouble. Who’s hurting whom, I’m thinking. I’m just getting ready to go inside, when out they come with a bag of homemade Boomerangs they’re going to sell for a Dollar at the end of our Driveway for a Dollar each. (Made from tongue depressors)

As cute as their idea was – we couldn’t let them be out at the driveway by themselves. What kinds of crazy parents would we be? The Doberman’s were nearby, but forraging more than protecting, damn dogs. So, we took a couple pictures and then they put their stuff away.

But, how adorable is their teamwork? So cute it almost makes me forget their darker moments.

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