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A Room of Her Own

Today is Virginia Woolf’s birthday, and I am realizing that I have lived this long without ever having read her amazing book, the one that inspires the creation of organizations of women supporting one another to write, the one that has launched so many women… “A Room of Her Own.”

I’m stopping short of berating myself for having never read this through sheer force of will.

And I realize that there are tasks I want to set for myself – writing tasks and reading tasks. I’ve been reading so many great books all at the same time. I’m a disaster of a reader – literally nibbling at over 13 books at once. This week I have put a lot of energy into one book at a time, and I’m almost done with a great read. I could read a book a week (or maybe every two weeks) if I focused and stayed on track.

Also – there is The Artist’s Way, which I’ve started at least four times and never gotten past Week 2 because I got busy, or I got in my own way. That is another thing I would like to accomplish this year – just to get through the 12 weeks of The Artist’s Way and do it – just get through it. Three months. I’m going to set a start date and put it on the calendar. I have a couple of huge writing projects going on for work that will keep me occupied through May. And then by June, our Garden Project will be in Full Swing. Realistically, I think I could start the 12 week program in October. Run it right through the holidays, and our Mad, Crazy, Busy season at work. Why Not? Just DO IT already!

In the meantime, I will continue to stay consistent in writing something everyday on one of my blogs, and I will continue reading great books. I’m making some great habits right now. My husband is totally supportive. So I’m in the best of all possible worlds. Busy, but productive. If I can stay consistent all through 2012, I promised my mother, for one, that I would start working toward getting Poetry Published in the year 2013 – because that just seems like a fortuitous, extremely fortunate year, that’s why!

photo from here – because wouldn’t I love to write with this view?!

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