Alphabet Dinners – Scrabble Letters in a Crown Royal Bag

They were the best idea I ever had for a dinner party! Alphabet Dinners were simply inspired. I was working out of town for 6 weeks in a row, and only home on weekends. This was back in my single days. I could not have done this with kids at home.

I just wanted to see all my friends at once and so I threw a party. It was not near any holiday, it was just on a Saturday, blah-de-blah. So, the first thing that popped in my mind was an Alphabet Theme. Bring food or drink that starts with the letter A. I opted to do the main course because I was hosting. All I could find as a main course – mind you – I am not the cook in my household, and the Internet was not as it is today. I may not have even had an Internet connection at the time. All I could find was an African Beef Stew out of the big Joy of Cooking cookbook. It called for Beef, stewed in coconut milk. The toppings were pineapples, and nuts, and hard boiled eggs. I can’t even remember all the different things that were in little bowls around the table. The point was to put it all over rice and the flavors were supposed to blend together. It was perhaps not my best main course for a dinner party – but I meant well, and it started with an A.

My second party, I had had much more drive time between Pleasanton, California and Redding, California over the course of several weeks, to plan. This time, I offered a prize for Alliteration for the person who packed the most letters into their dish. The B party rocked! People were bringing Brownies, and B&B’s – can’t remember off the top of my head what those are, but I think they’re a drink of some sort. I made Beer Battered chicken Breasts, stuffed with Basil, Brie, Bacon, and Broccoli. I felt like a Gourmet. And I won for alliteration.

For a long time now, I’ve wanted to host another Alphabet Themed party – with Scrabble letters in a Crown Royal bag at the end. Whoever wins gets to choose the letter for the next party – and then host it!

What’s the most ridiculous meal you’ve ever tried to serve to guests?

This post is inspired by Rachel over at Occasional Boredom – Her Random Tuesday Post and  Elephant Stew.

Photo from here.

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