Game Designed to Help Mom

Bean, Mom, Ben and our wrapped wrists and big stick!
It’s not that I’m uncoordinated entirely, I simply lack normal depth perception, I think. I hurt myself all the time. Not serious injuries, but little, ridiculous, annoying misfortunes. I can hurt myself getting a book out of the bookshelf. People at work no longer worry when they hear me throughout the office bumping into things and shouting “Ouch!” My family takes it in stride that I will hurt myself walking through a room. It just happens. Every day.
So tonight, Ben devised a game. As he was very patiently winding my wrists with cut up old jeans that he’d stapled together to make long wraps, he explained that he did this to protect me, because he knows how easily I can hurt myself. He said he designed these bandages to be comfortable and to prevent hand breakage.Then he told me that this game was meant to help me learn depth perception and coordination and maybe even a little strength. This is a game to help me learn to protect myself from random mishaps. It was the cutest thing ever, and I nearly cried listening to how tenderly he was wanting to guide me to a better, safer place.
The object of the game was to hit this big stick against rocks that were piled on a table at about knee level. I needed to bend and twist and aim. It was actually so much fun, we were both laughing. Ben asked me if I’d like to play this game every night while we let the chickens out to roam. I think we just might.

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