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Operation: Get to Know our Military

Last night I had a mini-meltdown over the topic of discussing war with my kids. Some great ideas came from visitors to the blog while I slept. This morning, I want to look at the whole idea from a completely different perspective. Last night, and even over the weekend, I was melancholy over the sad and tragic parts of war. I have to remember that I set the tone around here, and my kids pick up on my vibes crazy easy.

So, today, or this evening rather, after work, I want to start a new discussion. I want to talk about ways to support our Military. We can also get to know our Military. There is a museum right down the street from us at the Veteran’s Rehabilitation Center. We love museums. I can’t believe we haven’t been to visit there already. The boys make guns out of sticks in the yard. They would love to see some of the weapons and uniforms and other cool things they have down there.

We love the show iCarly – the boys are big fans. Carly’s dad is a Naval Officer who is out at sea most of the time. She lives with her brother. One time, they did a show about looking out for the military kids around us, in our schools, and in our neighborhoods. The First Lady, Mrs. Obama, came by the show for a visit to talk about services for Veteran’s and families of Soldiers. Then she did some Random Dancing with the cast – which was totally fun.

This is a good place to start! I’m so happy that I put the question of How to Talk about War with my son on my blog last night. The comments I got right away have cheered me up so that I’m not all worried and morose today. I have a plan. We will look at this from an angle that will help us learn a whole lot of appreciation, love, concern and honor for our troops, rather than just go straight for Anti-War demonstrations in Grade School.

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