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Chimney. Done. Stove. Tomorrow.

Up in the Attic, putting in the Chimney Pipe. It looks dark and scary, but I am seriously envisioning some whitewash, some dormer windows, and some big open spaces up here for an art room or study! Fun, right?

We could not resist taking a photo once light started pouring into the attic, and Scott could poke his head out of the roof. I scurried down the ladder, to run outside and grab a shot.

Having a Bucket Truck for Scott’s Tree Business sure did help with getting up on that roof. Of course, once he got up there and started working, it started to rain. Couldn’t have been more perfect!

The bracing is on and that chimney is sturdy as anything. We cannot wait to turn on that warm wood-stove and get out of this cold!

We have to wait another day before we can move the stove into position and light ‘er up. The grout needs 24 hours to set up. But, by Sunday night, we’ll have a roaring fire in our new fireplace. And, of course, by next week, our flooring guy will be by to tuck all that carpet in all nice and pretty. Oh. So. Nice!!

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