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Thurston Howell, the Third, and the Study of Europe in the Middle Ages


It’s a bit of a stretch, yes? I mean, I know that I’ve heard Thurston Howell, III (of Gilligan’s Island fame, for those too young to remember) speak of his ancestors, but this is a bit ridiculous.

Let it never be said that we tried to be remotely non-ridiculous in our approach to learning. Sometimes it’s the only way to make information stick in our brains.

Today, as we were learning about the Rise of the Catholic Church in Medieval times, we learned about those opposing the church being called heretics, and their thoughts and ideas being considered heresy.

Ben piped up, and said, “Oh, like Thurston Howell, the third? I’ve seen him clutch his hands together and say, ‘Oh, Lovey! That’s just Heresy, I tell you, Heresy!’

(We no longer have Cable, but we have METV with some of the classic television shows.)

He does a great impression. We talked about how, the character of The Millionaire, worships money. He would be saying that about anyone wanting to do reckless things with money, or burn money, or something like that. But that was something he understood. From a place of some understanding, it was much easier to discuss The Early Church and its use of these terms.

The things we discuss within a day!

Today, I tried something new with our morning routine. I thrive on ritual, and so does Ben, and we are struggling to glom onto one that works for us in this homeschooling adventure. We have tried a couple of Beginnings to the Day. Today we tried Yoga. I thought it would be a nice, restful way to start our day, but Ben kept falling over, and getting mad at the stupid stretching poses. “Yoga Sucks,” he growled. Well, at least now he won’t look at me like I’m crazy when I try it. Now he knows it’s harder than it looks.

We are off to ScienceWorks tomorrow with a bunch of the other homeschoolers in our area. I want to meet some other families that we can learn and play with here in our own little area!

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