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Gearing up for Art Excursions Again

When the kids were smaller, we did Art Excursions on a regular basis. We have been thinking about gearing up for doing that again. We all are fed by art in various ways. We seek out and find things to do with our creative brains and hands. Tonight wasn’t exactly an excursion. It was dinner from a taco truck, and I saw this mural on the way there. On the way home, Scott stopped so I could try to capture a photo of this amazing piece. Something about the enormity of the canvas – the whole side of a building – and the talent it takes to fill it so beautifully – always takes my breath away.

I was talking with Bean, and he definitely wants to go look at art with me again. I love the anticipation of it. I love everything about going to look at art: the searching for an artist that will take us on a tour of their work and space, the driving there, the peering behind the curtain of their process, and then coming home and trying to put our own spin on the art we’ve just seen. Truly, this feeds us in ways that it is hard to explain!

Where do you go for your art fixes?

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