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Invite the New Kid to Sit at Your Table

Something a tiny bit magical and inclusive is happening today, and my heart is swelling.

A friend recently called to ask if she and her boyfriend’s son could meet up with me and my son after school. Her son has just come to live with them after living with his mom. The change happened in the middle of the school year including moving to a new school. His first day was last week.

He’s in eighth grade like my son, and at the same school.

Last night I asked my son if he would look out for a new kid at lunch and invite him to sit with him and his friends.

He said, “Sure. We’ve done that before – invited a new kid to sit with us and he’s still part of the friend group.”

My heart soared. We sat listening to music as we were driving. Then he said, “I sent a message out to the friend group that I’m inviting a new kid to eat lunch with us tomorrow. One of the friends responded, ‘Everybody be nice. Make sure he feels included. Don’t let him feel left out.’”

You guys, these are good kids. When I pick my son up and he’s been hanging out with his friends downtown, they’ll holler out as he’s walking away from them to my car, “Love you, Bean.” He hollers back, “Love you too.”

This happens? I had no idea these boys who can show such tough exteriors, who grunt and speak in monosyllabic monotones at home can be so fiercely wonderful and loving inside their friend group. It is so beautiful to witness.

Cover Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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