Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Werewolves and Baby Goats

This Valentine’s Day was a Full Moon. We couldn’t see it because of the outrageous downpour of rain we are experiencing, but Ben felt it. He has been a little obsessed with werewolves lately. I made the mistake of explaining that the moon actually has a pull on us – same as the oceans’ tides – because we are 70% water. When I was younger, I … Continue reading Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Werewolves and Baby Goats

Farm Chores in 3 Degree Weather

FAIR WARNING: This post discusses actual farm chores of a working farm – not just the feeding and watering of animals. We ended up with a cold weather system coming in that Southern Oregon hasn’t seen anything like in 30 years. Our town got 8 inches of snow in about 2 1/2 hours on Friday. The day started out sunny and bright. While the kids … Continue reading Farm Chores in 3 Degree Weather

We Finish the Fireplace to Unseasonably Warm Weather

The fireplace is installed, and the boys sat with their dad as he made the first fire in our new wood-burning stove. We sat and watched the fire for a little while, and felt it warm up the house beyond our wildest dreams. Then, the day actually turned into a sunny day, and we realized we had lots to do outside to prepare for the … Continue reading We Finish the Fireplace to Unseasonably Warm Weather

Chimney. Done. Stove. Tomorrow.

Up in the Attic, putting in the Chimney Pipe. It looks dark and scary, but I am seriously envisioning some whitewash, some dormer windows, and some big open spaces up here for an art room or study! Fun, right? We could not resist taking a photo once light started pouring into the attic, and Scott could poke his head out of the roof. I scurried … Continue reading Chimney. Done. Stove. Tomorrow.

Keeping Little Hands Busy while Daddy is installing the Wood Stove

I asked the boys today what their favorite part of the Fall Season is, and they started mentioning all the bright colors of the trees. Before we knew it, we were in the middle of a gigantic art project. I pick up these enormous sized papers at Costco – they give them to me for free when I tell them I’m working with young artists … Continue reading Keeping Little Hands Busy while Daddy is installing the Wood Stove

Art for the Chickens!

Today was Leonardo di Vinci’s birthday – and many of my artistic friends were looking for ways to Live Your Life as Art today. My boys do not know how to live any other way. If left to themselves for even a minute, they are digging out art supplies and creating something out of paper, or turning a stick into any number of wonderful things, … Continue reading Art for the Chickens!

Boomerangs for Sale!

And this is how we started our New Year. Scott and I were using the bobcat and the tractor to move dirt around since it was a lovely sunny day in Southern Oregon. We’d been moving dirt to the garden plot for over an hour, when I started wondering what my boys were doing inside. It was awfully quiet. Spells trouble. Who’s hurting whom, I’m … Continue reading Boomerangs for Sale!