Iron Man Build Slideshow

This was put together originally by Ben and me as a Powerpoint Presentation for his Elementary School Talent Show during the last week of his Fifth Grade Year. I was to voice the narrative, and then the last screen said, “All this has led up to…” and then “Cue the Music,” which started the IRON MAN song by Black Sabbath – and then he walked out … Continue reading Iron Man Build Slideshow

Halloween 2014 – Complete Cardboard Iron Man

This happened. Ben worked all through the summer of 2014 making prototype after prototype, until he was happy with all the moving parts. For his 5th Grade Halloween parade, he got to walk down the middle of the hallway, with the entire school in lines on either side of the big hall, getting high-fives from every kid and teacher and parent who was there. (I can’t … Continue reading Halloween 2014 – Complete Cardboard Iron Man

Cardboard Iron Man

This was Ben’s Saturday Project. We were in the process of de-cluttering, and making a dump run, and Ben kept pulling cardboard out of the dump pile that he could use for building. I walked into the Living Room at one point, when he was just putting the whole thing on, and the timing was just too perfect… he turned around and said, “Hey, this … Continue reading Cardboard Iron Man

Coffee with Einstein

It has been a while since I have written strictly for the fun of it, just to let my mind wander and circle around something ephemeral, and then dance with the next thought that popped into my head; spinning around in the swirl of ideas and wonders. This morning, though, I woke up early to have time to sit and read and ponder the great … Continue reading Coffee with Einstein

Night of the Living Oblivious

Talk about going through the motions. Grown-ups never cease to amaze me, and not always in a good way. Last night we trick-or-treated with our kids for two hours in a Kid-friendly neighborhood where houses were decorated, pumpkins lined sidewalks, and some houses even had creepy music piped out into the street. It was everything a kid could want for Halloween. Except that we walked … Continue reading Night of the Living Oblivious

Our Little Crush on the Whole Idea of M.I.T.

Ben has been building, drawing, creating various versions of Iron Man since he was three years old. He has watched Iron Man and Iron Man 2 a couple of times each. As I get caught up with photos, there will eventually be an entire category here on this blog of pictures of his creations. Hence, the idea that M.I.T. is where he wants to go … Continue reading Our Little Crush on the Whole Idea of M.I.T.

Various Interpretations of Iron Man, by Ben

The Iron Man costume that Ben is in the middle of building. He has done all the cutting, shaping, and welding himself (with supervision, of course)! Iron Man made out of Legos (The first three pictures are at our new place in Oregon. These next few were back in California. Ben has been building Iron Man costumes since he was 3 or 4.) Ben, and his … Continue reading Various Interpretations of Iron Man, by Ben