Looks like a Tomato

After I have read stories, sung songs, and tucked into bed my two little guys, my seven-year old says, “You know what’s wierd?” We are hugging goodnight, and once again, he has made up another ritual for bedtime, prolonging the inevitable of sleep. He reminds me of his older brother, who, when he was 10 or 11 years old, would start every single sentence with one of three … Continue reading Looks like a Tomato

My Quiet Place, My Still, Oh Where?

Consistency is simply not my forte – not my strength. So much I wish. So much I want. The hours of stillness before everyone is up, before all the needs of everyone start piling up before me. So much I wish. So much I want. But not enough apparently, if longing for and wishing, wanting for was deep enough, long enough, high enough, full and … Continue reading My Quiet Place, My Still, Oh Where?

Reminders to Live

  This was written originally back in 2009 – but I’m sharing it again in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Reminders to Live By Liesl Garner, Written specifically for Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce Guest Speaker, Armen Bacon, writer of the Radio Series called “Live, Laugh & Love” on KJewel in Fresno, CA. I am honored to be able to start … Continue reading Reminders to Live

As Loud as my Fingers Can Snap!

“I love you as big as a house,” we say. He loves us “as big as a building that Spiderman would stand on top of and swing from rope to rope to rope,” and he’s off – demonstrating the rope swing across the room and down the hall, and somehow he’s forgotten what he started saying. He loves us so much that he forgets all … Continue reading As Loud as my Fingers Can Snap!